Here 'tis ... New YouTube videos for A Thrill Of My Own and Veritgo Girls, from the album, "Summer"


Scott Hrabko & The Rabbits album, Summer, was chosen #10 on KKFI's Best Recordings of 2017.  Thanks to Mark Manning and everybody at KKFI for playing our songs, and for supporting our great scene, here in KC.

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Richard E. Hrabko 1938-2017

My Dad departed this world April 14, 2017. He left me his beautiful guitars and a long neck banjo (which I'd better learn to play, now!). He loved old timey folk and bluegrass music. When I was little I sang "Copper Kettle" and "Green Back Dollar" with him. I never thought about it, but that stuff really got into my blood and influenced me to this day. It was never more than a hobby for him because he had an all-consuming career, but I can say that if it weren't for him it would never have occurred to me to attempt to make my own music. I got a late, late start and I struggled with it for about 20 years until I figured out how to write a song I'd be proud to call my own. At this point in my life the challenge is to find a way to keep doing what I do and move forward, knowing that the place where it fits in this world is not obvious -- and may never be. Now that I have this part of my father that has outlived him -- and I believe that musical instruments have lives and spirits of their own, right down in the grain of the wood -- I can feel the responsibility, literally in my hands, to keep it going. Music is just one of the greatest things in life and we have to keep making it in one form or another. For everything I just described, I'm thankful.

• SH, 5/9/17

Here's a clip from a recent radio broadcast  on The Bridge, 90.9 FM with Jon Hart and Tim Finn from the KC Star.  The segment on Hrabko begins at 3:23 

The Bridge - Tim Finn interview

 Johnson County Library has a swell feature on their website dedicated to KC area music, called Listen Local.  Here's an interview they conducted recently with yours truly:

Listen Local

Scott Hrabko & The Rabbits track featured on Here's To The Roots compilation CD on Mudstomp Records - With The Matchsellers, Freight Train & Rabbit Killer, The Hardship Letters, Ozark Mountain Maybelles and more.

Listen to Hrabko & The Rabbits on Freight Train Boogie podcast  #289 Bill Frater's fine program, featuring the best in Americana, broadcast every Thursday night on Bay Area's KRCB (90.9 and 91.1 FM) from 8 to 10 p.m. (Pacific time zone)



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