Scott Hrabko is an independent songwriter with roots going back to Kansas City's indie rock scene of the late ‘80s, with his first guitar chords and shortly thereafter, his first bands, The Andersons and The Splinters.  His music from this period came to be associated with a style called “Cowpunk”, with its peculiar combination of twanginess and defiant amateurism winning out over musical skill.  The Splinters would go on to briefly play the role of local songwriting legend Howard Iceberg's first backing band, as well as a handful of gigs with a not-yet-famous Iris Dement, with whom Hrabko sang country duets, like the Johnny Cash and June Carter chestnut, Jackson.  Within the span of a few years, both bands had come and gone. 

After drifting in obscurity for most of a decade, from his old hometown, St. Louis, to Chicago -- where he led a completely revamped version of The Andersons -- and then Austin, Hrabko came full circle, back to KC in 1997, raising a family and staying only marginally connected to the music scene -- playing and singing occasionally with KC’s oldest garage band, The Original Sinners -- until the urge to blaze some new trails became too powerful to dismiss.

It took him long enough, but he finally released his debut solo album, Gone Places in November, 2013 -- a set of funny and poignant songs of love and failure, scattered across the haunted American landscape.  Hot on the heels of that release came Biscuits & Gravity in January, 2015, recorded with the first incarnation of The Rabbits (Josh Arnold - Bass & Harmony Vocals; Emily Tummons - Harmony Vocals, Accordion & Ukulele, and Kirk Scott - Lead Guitar).  

Hrabko’s third album, Summer, was released in June, 2017, featuring a reborn Rabbits lineup, including former Hadacol  founding brother, Fred Wickham - Lead Guitar; Marco Pascolini - Steel Guitar and Baritone Guitar, and Tim Higgins - Drums, along with guest spots by local luminaries, Havilah Bruders, Dan Bliss, Brett Hodges, Mikal Shapiro, Chad Brothers, Cowboy Bart Colliver, Lauren Huges and Kevin Dolan.  Jason Beers joined the Rabbits on bass shortly after the album was completed.  After recording his first two albums almost entirely at home, Hrabko joined forces with Paul Malinowski at Massive Sound to record drum tracks and mix Summer.

Summer came in at #10 on KKFI's Top 117 Recordings of 2017. 

Hrabko released a 4-song EP, Smash Hits From A Parallel Universe in February, 2019.  The songs branch out into stylistic territory reflecting Hrabko's (de) formative years in the 1970s.  The cover art was designed by his son, Sam Hrabko, a student at Hrabko's alma mater, The Kansas City Art Institute.

Hrabko, who also works as a freelance video editor, creates and edits all of The Rabbits' youTube videos:

The Rabbits have appeared at the Crossroads Music FestKKFI HoedownWestport Roots Festival, and Folk Alliance International Conference at Crown Center.  Hrabko has been the featured live-in-studio guest on KKFI 90.1 FM programs, Mid-Day Medley, hosted by Mark Manning and River Trade Radio, hosted by Mikal Shapiro and Kasey Rausch, and his songs have been in heavy rotation on Chuck Haddix's legendary Fish Fry on KCUR 89.3 FM.